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Dear CIC Students,

  • Dear students,
    Kindly note that deadline for drop will be on 6/8/2017 at 4 pm.





  • لتاكيد حجز السكن الجامعى لسنه 2016/2017 برجاء مراجعه مسئوله السكن بمعرفه الوالد و الوالده فى موعد اقصاه 31/7/2017 على الرقم التالى او المقابله الشخصيه
    الرقم: 01004413997


  • Dear students,
    Please note that the due date for drop and add will be on 13/7/2017 , and the deduction 50% will be from 16/7/2017 till 20/7/2017 , from 21/7/2017 will be 100 % deduction.



  • “Dear Student,

  • kindly be informed that the Summer Advising 2016/2017 has been extended till Monday 10th July, 2017 for Business, Engineering and Mass-com. Schools 


      For zayed Students: Please check below the summer semester final exam schedule.


  • Please note that the late advising will starts on 4/7/2017 and end on 5/7/2017.



    Please note that after the advisor approval by 72 working Hours, if you didn't complete the advising cycle, your whole advising will be removed and you will have to start all over again regarding the maximum register for each course.


    Please note that the summer advising (Online advising) will start on Sunday 18/6/2017 ,Approval and payments starts on Sunday 2/7/2016.



  • Kindly note that the deadline to submit Re-assessment and Supplementary request is today at 03:00pm.

  • Etisalat Summer Internships for 2017! Apply NOW at the below link.


  • For All Business School Students:

Please note that your Deferred and Supplementary exam will be held on Tuesday  13 /6/2017 at 10:00am, please do not forgot to check your email.


  •  CIC Exams Rules & Regulations 
  • Business Students whose training sessions were scheduled on Sunday and Monday, can attend on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (FOR THIS WEEK AND THE NEXT WEEK ).
  • Engineering Students whose training sessions were scheduled on Sunday and Monday, will soon be informed with the new substitution dates


Due to the importance of your time and to make the process easier for you
Please be noted that Starting from 18th of April 2017 all the students will use the E-Petition system.And from this date, no manual paper will be active.

To ask about more information Please go to the front desk and make sure to fill in your declaration.
Below is the link you will use:

E-Petition Quick Guide: 


Zayed Campus Students,

Dear Zayed Campus students 


Let’s rock English

Our 1st class will be RAP music

Don’t miss it

Class will be held on April 10th from 12 – 1 pm Room A302


Training & Development Department