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Online Advising Steps

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Dear Students,

As the Spring Semester will be starting next Sunday 12th February 2017, please make sure to complete your online advising and settle your outstanding finances as soon as possible to avoid missing any classes

wishing you all a successful semester.

،الطلبة والطالبات الأعزاء

حيث ستبدا الدراسة  ان شاء الله يوم الاحد الموافق ١٢ فبراير ٢٠١٧ برجاء إنهاء جميع  إجراءات التسجيل ودفع المصروفات المتعلقة بأسرع وقت  حتى تتمكنوا من الانتظام بالدراسة وحضور كافة المحاضرات

متمنين لكم كل النجاح والتوفيق

Dear CIC Students,


Kindly be aware that the deadline to submit any change of program or to declare the concentration will be on Tuesday 14th of February 2017,


Thank You



New Cairo Engineering Students

Dear New Cairo Engineering Student,


Please Note:

In your advising, If you choose (Group A or B or ..) meetings in any course you MUST choose the same group in all other courses.

Important Announcement


Dear CIC Students


Kindly we would like to inform you that the new working hours for the “Student Affairs - Front Desk Student & Success & Support Unit” will be from 11.00am to 1.00pm  daily starting Sunday December 4rth 2016.

Student Affairs Department




Advising of SP2016


Kindly find the below advising Dates of Spring 2016 For all cohorts except cohort 2016.



Advising dates for cohort 2016 .




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You have no incoming announcements.
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